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The healing thermal springs of Levico and Vetriolo

In the middle of breathtakingly beautiful scenery at an altitude of 1,600 m is the source of the previous Levico thermal water that we use for therapies and wellness treatments at the Imperial Grand Hotel.

The Levico and Vetriolo springs are part of the natural Valsugana landscape and a popular travel destination in Trentino.

In fact, two thermal springs escape on the Monte Fronte in the Dolomites at the end of a tunnel that had been dug in the Middle Ages for mineral mining. The water has previously covered great distances in the rock and enriched itself with valuable minerals.

Both springs contain iron but one is “strong” and one “weak”. The “Acqua forte”, the strong water, is used for healing purposes. The water springs at the source at a temperature of 9°C. It is guided directly to three different thermal facilities by channels, one of these three locations is at the Imperial Grand Hotel.
The strong water is distinguished by a high concentration of minerals. It has a very acidic pH value and contains sulphate, iron, arsenic and other metals such as copper and zinc. Its composition is something really special in Europe and unique in Italy.

The regenerative power of the water from Levico with dermatological problems and gynaecological complaints as well as musculoskeletal and respiratory diseases has been recognised for centuries and partly proven by scientific studies.

As a result of its therapeutic effect, treatments always take place under medical supervision.

The strong water from Levico is disinfecting and anti-inflammatory, it stimulates circulation and promotes healthy body functions. The water has a calming effect on the nervous system. It is also used successfully time and time again in cases of anxiety and stress.

Treatment options

The therapeutic power of water from Levico – build up your strength at the Imperial Grand Hotel with balneotherapy, inhalation or Fango mud wraps.

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Health resort stays

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