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The therapeutic power of water from Levico


The thermal water of Levico with its therapeutic effect is characterized in particular by its high content of dissolved minerals. These minerals are suitable for balneotherapy applications.

With us you can enjoy treatment options such as medical baths, full baths or partial baths, in addition we also offer mud baths.

The baths stimulate blood circulation and stimulate the circulation, as well as the baths are anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Healing baths are used in rheumatic, dermatological and neurological diseases, but also in stress, burnout and anxiety.


The perfect base for performing inhalation therapies is provided by the soothing thermal water of Levico Terme. The Grand Hotel Imperial, offers you treatment options for the upper and lower respiratory tract can be treated.

The applications take place under medical supervision and are suitable for asthma patients and allergy sufferers, patients with various lung diseases, chronic sinusitis, rhinitis or rhinosinusitis, throat and laryngeal head infections.

Thermal baths and massages are offered to enhance the general well-being, physiotherapy exercises are also carried out.


The composition of the Italian mud consists of thermal water, clay, algae and microorganisms. In order to apply the Fango package to diseased parts of the body, the ripened, homogeneous mixture is heated.

Areas of application of the mud are, among other things, neurodystrophy and psychosomatic rheumatic diseases, and is also used in arthritis and remitting rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis arthritis and bone fracture treatment.

These treatment options relieve pain and promote mobility. In addition, the packages have an anti-inflammatory and relaxing effect.

Rates 2017

Treatment 1x 6 x 10 x 12 x
Medical examination for admission € 35 - - -
Fangotherapy € 25 € 141 € 225 € 270
Balneotherapy € 20 € 108 € 175 € 204
Fango-balneotherapy € 35 € 195 € 320 € 372
Aerosol € 13 € 66 € 108 € 120
Inhalation € 13 € 66 € 108 € 120
Wellness-Massage 25´ € 35 € 189 € 315 € 359
Wellness-Massage 50’ € 54 € 289 € 484 € 549
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